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terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2009

Música "That Someone"

" That Someone" foi escrita pelo cantor e compositor Henry Gross (também autor de "Everybody's Got An Angel" do disco "Blue Angel") em 1981 para seu álbum "What's in a Name".

Cyndi Lauper fez uma participação na música. Vale a pena conferir! Tempos de Blue Angel Band!

That Someone (Henry Gross)

People say it's a cold, cold world
I say it's a cold, cold world
But it's the best that I have found
People say there's no more love
I say there's plenty of love
And I can feel it all around


Someday that someone'll come through
(And all my dreams gonna come true
I'll have that someone to talk to
I hope that someone is you
People say we're on our own
From the time we're leaving home
They say we're out there all alone
And no-one's ever really true
No matter what they say or do
But I've just got to be with you

Repeat chorus


Fontes: AVALON: The Cyndi Lauper Resource

"Barbara, Obrigado por lembrar da canção. Ela é do meu LP da Capitol Records "What's in a Name". Ele nunca esteve disponível em CD, mas temos o LP no meu site ...No momento estou no meio de dois novos CDs. Rock on, Henry". (POR E-MAIL).

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